The Wayne County Commissioners, in partnership with the Wayne Economic Development Corporation (WEDCO), are excited to announce a new funding option for business development in Wayne: The Wayne County Economic Growth Fund. This fund provides grants to for-profit entities for the purpose of undertaking activities that will encourage and support economic growth and job creation within Wayne County, PA.  The program will be administered by WEDCO on behalf of the County Commissioners.

Through this program, businesses may be awarded a grant up to $2,500 for eligible projects not related to loan application fees, or up to $10,000 for the purpose of paying eligible loan fees.  The grants have private investment match and job creation requirements.  The funds may be used for land and building acquisition, construction and renovation, machinery and equipment, or working capital.  Projects that would have a significant economic development impact on the County may be eligible for a grant/loan combination exceeding $10,000.

Eligible applicants for this funding program are registered, for-profit businesses enterprises that are located in Wayne County, PA. The business may be a start-up or an existing business. Ineligible applicants would include not-for-profit businesses, lenders, businesses engaged in any illegal activity, government-owned entities, a business that has an outstanding local or county tax bill, businesses primarily engaged in lobbying or political activities, consumer and marketing cooperatives, and speculative businesses.

The Wayne County Economic Growth Fund is an important investment in the County’s sustainable future. This fund will help create new jobs, attract new and growing businesses to Wayne County, and build a strong, lasting relationship between county government and business professionals. For more information about the Wayne County Economic Growth Fund, please contact WEDCO executive director Mary Beth Wood at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

To download a PDF of the application, click on the image below.


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