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Location Advantages

proximity to metro locationsWayne County is midway along the Boston – Washington corridor, at a point where access in all directions is easily obtained without having to fight traffic congestion. The transportation network serving the Northeast markets facilitates distribution to a combined population of approximately 50 million people within a days travel.

Our proximity to metro areas makes Wayne County one of the closest Pennsylvania locations to New York.  Wayne County is home to highly skilled labor in the wood and metalworking industries with a growing number of technology and media workers moving into the area.  Yoga International is one of our fastest growing companies and was listed #144 on Inc's fastest Growing Companies list.

With a focus on creating walkable downtowns, by developing walking and biking trails, new residents are attracted to the natural outdoor spaces, brew pubs, interesting restaurants, and unique downtown shops.  Plans to connect our communities through a trail system will offer recreational opportunities and connect parks, rivers, lakes, and forest resources.

Approximate driving distances from central Wayne County to major cities:

driving distances

Labor Supply and Wage Rate Advantages
A market analysis prepared for WEDCO by Reilly Associates and Shepstone Management Company revealed a rapidly growing labor pool with significant cost advantages. The labor supply was drawn from Wayne County and its three neighbors: Lackawanna, Pike, and Monroe. While there are significant differences between Lackawanna and the three Pocono counties in demographic growth patterns, culture and physical features, the four are linked through common economic development agencies, health systems, and highway networks.