Workforce Testimonials

"The productivity here is far greater than many places. The work ethic is absolutely incredible. In my travels to other financial service offices around the country we often talk about staff and I come home feeling very good knowing that the people I have hired in Northeast PA are absolutely terrific. I would put them up against anybody’s staff anywhere in this country or even the world." 


Shelly Wilshinsky, Senior Portfolio Management Director
Smith Barney, Honesdale


“We have an awesome workforce. They are very hard working, very sincere and very honest and are willing to work around the clock to meet our clients’ expectations. We have experienced, highly-skilled employees including several that have been with us more than 20 years. If you look at the fine craftsmanship in our products you can see that our people take great pride in their work.”


David Boyce, President
Boyce Products, Ltd.

“Northeast Pennsylvania fosters a really strong work ethic. We have committed, focused, and dedicated workers. They challenge themselves everyday to exceed our customers’ expectations and, frankly, they give us an asset that I feel our competitors just don’t have.”

Chuck Jurgensen, C.E.O.
Top Notch Distributors, Inc.



"Our workforce is our most important asset because our industry is very labor intensive.  With rapidly changing equipment and technology advances, employee education has become incredibly important.  We have found our employees to be very open to gaining new skill sets as we bring them through the company.  In fact, we have a large number of employees who have been with us 10 or more years."  

Barbara J. Linde, Secretary & CFO

 Linde Corporation


“The business climate of Wayne County is similar to Florida in the winter…where everyone should be! As the County continues to grow, we have the opportunity to expand our product lines and services. The changing needs of our customer base have had great repercussions for us. We mark steady growth each year and foresee this pattern long into the future. The Wayne County market certainly keeps us on our toes and headed in the right direction.”


Joelee Motichka

Rent-E-Quip, Inc.


“There is a real sense of community and family here. New employees who relocate to our region become involved in the community very quickly. Many of them tell me they wouldn’t want to work or live any place but here, so it’s easy to maintain high staff morale.”


Christine French Clark, Editor
Highlights for Children Magazine



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