Wayne Pike Workforce Alliance

92 Main Avenue Hawley, PA 18428


Wayne Pike Workforce Alliance serves as an intermediary to identify, create, and provide educational opportunities that build our workforce and support lifelong learning.

The Spark that led to the development of Wayne Pike Workforce Alliance [WPWA], like most great endeavors, came out of necessity. The need for a collaborative effort focusing on unity and the “people” part of economic development was realized in 2009. The development of our organization began with a passionate and dedicated group of community members intent on building harmony and balance by tapping into the roots of our community.

WPWA takes a united and holistic approach to delivering services drawing on the strength of shared knowledge and action. We recognize that business, education, government, economic development, employment services and community all have a role in workforce development. WPWA serves as a connecting agent for these essential elements and as a community liaison, developing relationships and increasing awareness.


  • 92 Main Avenue Hawley, PA 18428
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Lucyann Vierling
Wayne Pike Workforce Alliance
92 Main Avenue
Hawley, PA 18428
Phone: 570-390-7613
Fax: 570-507-839-7843


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