“The expansion project is a direct response to the explosive population growth in our service area, which includes Wayne and Pike Counties in Pennsylvania and Sullivan County in New York.” -- David Hoff, CEO, Wayne Memorial Health System

Wayne Memorial Hospital Wayne Memorial Health System in Honesdale opened its new expanded Emergency Department in November 2005. This was the completion of Phase I of the Health System’s $20 million, 5-year capital expansion project. The new ED (or ER) is roughly 10,000 square feet or approximately 3x the size of the ER it is replacing. It houses more private treatment rooms, isolation and trauma rooms, X-ray capabilities on site, larger waiting rooms, a space for fast-tracking minor injuries and a cast care clinic. Work will soon begin to expand the Radiology Department within Wayne Memorial Hospital. Plans are underway to implement a private suite for women’s diagnostic imaging, as well as purchase a state-of-the-art MRI device and a multi-slice CT scanner. The capital expansion project is being financed with a combination of public and private funds: a $10 million municipal-backed bond, government grants, investment resources and monies raised through a current capital campaign called Operation Vital Signs.

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