Demographic Trends


The Pocono Region is growing faster than any other region in Pennsylvania - and a good deal of the northeast!  


Estimates have Wayne County’s population at 52,000, which is a projected growth rate of 7.6%.  This compares favorably to Pennsylvania’s overall growth rate of 2.6%.  The four-county northeast PA region of Wayne, Pike, Monroe, and Lackawanna Counties represented a total population of approximately 500,000 in having added 50,516 or 10.9% in the last decade.  The New York and Northern New Jersey Metropolitan Area is estimated by the Census Bureau to have grown by 4.08% indicating that Wayne County and its neighbors represent the leading edge of that region’s expansion.  


People are choosing to live here.  We have a lifestyle that people want and that will be desirable to employees relocating with their companies.  Employers will further benefit by an increasing labor supply at an exceptional value.



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