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HONESDALE, PA, November 21, 2014—A PPL Blue Ribbon Marketing grant to Wayne Economic Development Corporation (WEDCO) helped launch a joint marketing campaign in Wayne County, PA.  WEDCO used the grant to support a new marketing partnership and develop a radio campaign featuring the County's competitive advantages.

The radio campaign complemented billboards funded by the Wayne County Tourism Promotion Committee.  County organizations have been working towards developing a common marketing message and brand, which is an outcome of the Wayne Tomorrow strategic visioning initiative.  The effort was the unveiling of the "Wayne County....Naturally" brand and the first time tourism and business development groups have marketed together.

PPL's Blue Ribbon grant provided the seed money needed to leverage the tourism funds and a significant in-kind investment by Bold Gold Media Group.  Bold Gold, headquartered in Honesdale, PA, produced the radio spots.  From June through October, 1,280 radio spots aired over four of Bold Gold's stations and billboards promoted Wayne County as a great place to explore, create and recreate.

"We are so appreciative of PPL, Bold Gold Media, County Tourism, and our local business and media partners for helping launch the 'Wayne County...Naturally' brand," said WEDCO Executive Director Mary Beth Wood.  "Our marketing message is much more powerful when we do it collaboratively."

Individuals from Wayne County's business community contributed to the effort by providing their voice for the radio spots, informing the listening audience about Wayne County's quality of life, community and business attraction assets.  Radio spots were done by Jill Carletti of Harmony Presents, Steve Clark of Aqua Pennsylvania, Dan Corrigan of Sawmill Cycles, Joe Harcum of The Duck Harbor Company, Maggie Lockwood Lehrian of Roots Yoga, Joelee Motichka of Rent E-vent, and local entrepreneur Derek Williams.

Wayne County's business development organizations plan to build on the joint marketing effort.  A County-wide marketing plan is under development, as is an internal communication network.

"Working together reduces redundancy, leverages additional funding, and builds consensus," said Ms. Wood.  "Our outdoor recreational amenities, Pocono Mountain setting, and business-friendly climate make Wayne County a great place to live and work, naturally."

WEDCO is a non-profit corporation comprised of businesses, and partners with state, county, and municipal governments to work towards the economic advancement of our communities.  More information is available at
PPL Utilities provided significant support to economic development marketing efforts in Wayne County in 2014.  A PPL Blue Ribbon Marketing grant and in-kind investment from Bold Gold Media Group developed a radio campaign to promote Wayne County's community and business assets and helped launch the Wayne County...Naturally brand.  Shown left to right:  Michael G. Stanton, Bold Gold Media, Mary Beth Wood, WEDCO, Paul Canevari, PPL Regional Manager, and Linda Murphy, Bold Gold Media.

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